5 Social Media Ideas For Crowdfunding & Kickstarter

5 Social Media Ideas For Crowdfunding & Kickstarter

Social Media CrowdfundingCrowdfunding & Social Media – A strategy for Kickstarter

Social Media and crowdfunding go hand in hand if used correctly and strategically by creating advocacy that is easily shared and may go viral within your key demographics. Well before you launch your Kickstarter or Crowdfunding campaign, this strategy should be in place. Your content is key. Agency 2.0 develops Kickstarter Strategy or Crowdfunding Marketing approach, with a few things in mind:


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Twitter Marketing and Crowdfunding Strategy

Twitter is amazing. Enough said. Twitter allows you to connect in real time with people or organizations talking about your Kickstarter Project or your topic of interest. Twitter has a hand little tool called Discover and the search menu. Use it. Learn the advance features of search.

Is your crowdfunding project related to a local issue? Well, they have you covered… Search = near:”your city” within:25mi

Is your Kickstarter Project about a general topic or interest? #Hashtags have you covered. Even better, there is nice little tool called Have a look into the Sonar Feature. This handy feature, which is free, allows you to see all the related #Hashtags associated with the general one that you might be looking for. When Agency 2.0 approaches this, we like the long tails. The long tails are the most specific, less used keywords that allow you to hone in on your exact target.

Reddit Marketing and Crowdfunding Strategy

If you are not using, start. Reddit connects you with your targets. I guarantee you there is a sub-reddit for you interest or Kickstarter Project. Heck, there are even Kickstarter Reddits…

One successful link going viral on Reddit can make your Kickstarter project. A current project that Agency 2.0 is crowdfunding on Kickstarter, has received 12 pledges from… Once I got these 12, we can turn them into many, many more new pledges… Advocacy sets in…

Kickstarter Social Media Strategy

If you are familiar with Kickstarter and the Social Media integration, it is not good. Kickstarter projects are meant  to be shared and in that aspect, we feel Kickstarter has many improvements to make on the virality of its projects. Currently, there are the Facebook “like”, Twitter Tweet and Embed buttons. Far from Optimal.

Take it upon yourself, or allow us, to at least try to optimize these buttons and add more. Your Kickstarter Project has 2,000 ‘Likes”? This does not translate into 2,000 Fans.

Blogger Marketing & SEO for Crowdfunding

Are people talking about your project? If it is good, they should be. There are 1,000’s of bloggers that write exactly about your topic or interest and they deliver that message to very, very niche subscribers. Search Engine Optimization is becoming more and more social, this is an area that you cannot miss out on.

When working with bloggers, leverage this. Our Kickstarter strategy incorporates a redirect from your website to Kickstarter. Always use your website address as the backlink, not Kickstarter. Trust me, as someone trying to rank for the Kickstarter Keyword, they get enough backlinks… Use yours… It will auto-redirect to the Kickstarter Page and give you a needed SEO boost once the Kickstarter Campaign is complete. What better way to have your link getting spread on Social Media via their Twitter or Facebook handles. Please support our latest Kickstarter Campaign at:

Celebrity Marketing on Social Media

You must have celebrities involved. I know, it is hard…but they are out there and they are talking on Social Media. They all have a campaign or cause they are associated with and I know there are some that are passionate about your Kickstarter Topic.

Unless you are close to these celebrities, this is tough. These celebrities do not have to be the A-listers, they can be anyone that has a large audience. Just think, companies pay celebrities large amount of money to endorse their products… Most of us do not have this money, hence we are usning Kickstarter and Crowdfunding to fund our ideas. Just imagine if we get one RT or one post from a 500,000 follower Twitter account? You just earned what companies pay a lot of money for. Plan for luck. Plan to be lucky and get a celebrity to endorse you.

How do you do this? Follow them. Wait for the right opportunity. Did they just Tweet? When do they usually Tweet? Look at their Tweet history and find the average time they tweet… Usually there is a pattern… Time your Tweets to the average time that they normally are online…

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These are just a few ideas that hopefully help you and your team develop a Social Media Strategy for Kickstarter and Crowdfunding. Feel free to email Chris Olenik at: for any questions or how we can help you develop a social media strategy for Kickstarter.




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